Virtual office

Impress your clients at a fraction of the cost of running your own office. Our flexible and versatile Virtual Office packages are capable of strengthening and transforming your business. Project a professional image with your prestigious business address and professional call answering services in your company’s name.

  • Professional business address to use as your own
  • Competitive and cost-effective pricing
  • Flexible terms
  • A dedicated local phone number and receptionist to answer in your company name
  • Individual, professional call answering
  • Mail collection, handling and forwarding
  • Professional secretarial services: typing, printing, photocopying, accommodation arrangements and general administration
  • Fax and email services
To find out how we can help your business, please call +49 30 285 010 166
By using FlexConnect IP Telephony,
you can benefit from a range of flexible
telephony and messaging features
designed to suit you wherever
you are.
Your business deserves a business class
internet service. At FlexConnect we
allocate the right amount of bandwidth
to your business so you get fast,
uninterrupted internet together
with secure web access.
Virtual Office
FlexConnect Virtual Office is designed
to put you in control of how you want
to run your business and offers
a range of benefits.
IT Support
FlexConnect IT Support is just as much
about avoiding problems before they
happen as solving problems quickly and
effectively when they actually
do happen.